Govt has steady decline across ads and media during the pandemic


COVID 19 has affected several sectors of the economy and media. After facing several disruptions in 2020, now advertising media are showing some recovery in H1 2021. Government spending on advertising in electronic and digital media has been a decline.

The government spent on media advertising is Rs 429 crore in 2018-2019, which further reduce to Rs 295 crore in 2019-2020, and further due to COVID-19, it got reduced to Rs 197.49 crore in 2020-2021.

COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior, and advertising spent has adjusted in response. As confinement measures were introduced everywhere in the world, out-of-home and cinema advertising has compressed also print advertising fell.

Marketing and advertising departments have been very challenging about thinking through creative and innovative marketing strategies and practices.

Advertisers have adapted by the consumers which implies digital consumption has increased even more. These days’ social media platforms and streaming services have risen by 26 percent almost everywhere.

As a result, many brands will look to optimize their marketing practices for a better increase in online transactions, communications.

Economic impact on all the industry sectors, competition has given consumers and social new normal addressing sustainability, evaluating operational options and challenges by planning strategically in an uncertain environment.

Many prints and electronic media organizations are found that they have been going through difficult times due to COVID-10.

In respect to the private TV channels, the ministry has received requests for additional time for payment of fees and the operationalization of channels. The government has received representations for withdrawal of 10% Basic Customs Duty on newsprint.

By 2021, the advertising spends across the media platforms in India will grow up to 23.5 percent after a decline in 2020.

Unlike the worldwide experience, the digital is gaining very fast, and therefore the ad spend in India will have an increase in spending on television also, print media holds 16 percent in 2021.

In India, digital has 40 percent in incremental ads spending against global about 90 percent.

Government ads spent will have a rapid decline during the pandemic that id Rs 197.49 crore for the print medium and Rs 167.98 crore for TV, especially within the first part of 2021.

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