The lockdown changes user behavior and digital consumption: Report


Every day, we are seeing the number of COVID cases rising at a higher pace. The pandemic changes everything including the pattern of living, the people are considering, wearing masks, using sanitizers, part of daily life, their consumption pattern has also changed. At present most of the customers use digital platforms for their purchase instead of traditional stores because the situations require that, this lockdown has pushed the world to stay at home and spend more time reading, streaming, and consuming online content.

The number of readers on news sites has increased when compared to previous years. The usage of social media apps, online games, streaming online content, etc. are increased widely. At present the employees of various companies are doing their work at home hence the usage of conferencing and collaboration apps such as zoom, Google meet, etc. are also increasing rapidly. Zoom has become the primary social platform for millions of netizens for work as well as leisure purposes. And also, to meet the demand of video chat, WhatsApp recently added an update allowing users to add up to 8 people on a video call.

Then relevance of online learning is increasing because the traditional learning system is not possible now, the digital learning providers should take this as their best chance. At present companies are investing large amounts on their websites and digital marketing.  Research studies prove that after the outbreaks of the coronavirus end, consumers are likely to go online for their shopping needs. Another important thing is rising online communities, the report of the Guardian for the U, clearly mentioned that Facebook has witnessed 300 local coronavirus support groups which consist of more than a million people.

On the pre COVID period, social engagement and hanging out of friends is something that usually done by the people but now, it is given up. But we know, social interaction is very much required for a social being. So, it is also performed by using digital tools.


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