Airlines Reassuring customers to fly again amidst Covid-19


Airlines are using customer communication channels to reassure people about the safety of flying amidst the ongoing pandemic.

The airlines; EasyJet, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are making an attempt to reassure customers about the safety of travelling via air as they look into getting customers considering booking and flying flights again.

In one of the emails that were sent to a customer entitled, ‘Our Europe with confidence pledge’, EasyJet promises to look after their customer’s wellbeing as they consider this as core value apart from ‘committed to sustainability’ and ‘offering great value’.

CEO, Johan Lundgren, says in the mail, “It is our nature to travel. And while travelling even if you feel a little different, rest we will assure that we are absolutely doing everything to let you explore Europe with confidence.”

The email explains in detail how EasyJet is going to do this, including the introduction of safety measures regarding customers like deep cleaning, cabin crew wearing masks, etc.  It will distribute passengers across aircraft and will remove its onboard catering service.

EasyJet also offers customers the ability to switch their flights up to 14 days before the departure without any change in the fee until the restrictions are in place. It also runs a campaign to explain its pre-flight procedures and other disinfection methods by creating two character-themed “ Lion” and “ Pilot” mask coverings for children to reassure them on flights.

David Morgan, Director of  EasyJet flight operations, says “ We have created some bespoke children’s face mask covers as we know the environment in the airport would feel different and possibly feel daunting initially for young travellers when flying resumes. We hope these face masks help children enjoy their flying journey with us over the summer and this also makes it easier for the parents.


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