SEO for business growth during COVID-19


This year 2020 has caused the massacre in the field of business, due to the shutting down and lockdown of companies, businesses, causing markets to crash and get killed. The only thing all the businesses and companies around the world are trying now is to survive and recover from this huge disaster, but there is still hope for companies to grow and make profits even amid this horrific situation.

The first step that is recommended for every company to take, is to make their operations online as digital identity is becoming revolutionary. If a company is firm on its thought of growth towards a digital future, then SEO could be the best path to endeavor. SEO techniques when implemented with precision in the making become growth drivers.

So, let’s investigate a few important pointers;

  • Working conditions that are remote are being monitored now.
  • Ecommerce and online retail store essential are becoming popular.
  • 75% of normal business customers are now trying social platforms.
  • 88% of companies having SEO strategies in the game receive calls in below 24 hours.
  • Almost 45% of online searching is been studied to be local.
  • 70% of online businesses and marketers consider SEO to be the best sales and growth, driver.

Online searches increased:

What is Search marketing??

It’s a stratagem that helps a company/organization or a brand to increase search visibility, improve search rankings, drive more website traffic via searches. It has two categories;

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)- It uses PAID strategies so that the content/websites/ads would appear on the search at the top.

SEO (Search engine Optimization)– It uses ORGANIC strategies to make content/websites/ads to appear on the search.

Both above types have been proved as a great help to companies/businesses. With almost 53% of the web traffic coming from the organic searches it’s been concluded that search is an oversized activity. SEO tactics help the brand to get on the top of the search pages. As all are using online platforms nowadays it could help companies in taking a good step into online growth.

Traffic equity improved:

SEO has become a constant in our today’s ever-changing world thus investing in SEO would be the best of choice for all companies out there. Investing in research for relevant keywords, making right digital moves, etc. would mean that more users use them thus increasing traffic. For traffic equity, the best to do would be to ponder on short term as well as long term goals. User experience being prioritized one could achieve the perfect growth in the company.

Adding local keyword, local news, reviews would help in the outreach. Thus, SEO could be used for the efficient growth of the company by using the SEO strategies wisely when other competitors fail to. Let us take this chance and grow up.!!


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