Ipsos probed about the impact of Urban Indians Unemployment in pandemic


COVID-19 pandemic has been very ruthless in many ways, and most of the families have gone through. The market research company Ipsos has explored the long-lasting impacts.

The top 3 concerns of Urban Indians are Higher Unemployment Rates and Lost earnings and children are not being to flow up the formal education and worse mental health are becoming the long-lasting outcomes of the pandemic. The pandemic made most of the people jobless and Job cuts and salary cuts.

The Most impactful on the families are financially suffering because of the medical cost due to pandemic, and lower earnings of families due to shut down and trimming the workforce.  As the recovery is slow and impeded, and long-lasting until everyone is vaccinated and the pandemic is behind us.

Ipsos global survey is to measure the impact of COVID- 19 pandemic on education and life opportunities of children and young people.

Issues will affect the children when they return to school-

Urban Indians believe that different age groups of children might need to brace up their seats of challenges.

Kids who are aged up to 11 years have to adjust to changing environment and maintaining focus and concentration on schoolwork. 

And for the 12-15 aged the issues are maintaining focus and concentration on school work and maintaining good behavior and discipline and worries about the COVID-19.

For 16-18, aged children will be facing the maintaining focus and concentration in school work and good behavior and discipline and worrying about the COVID-19.

During the pandemic children are accustomed to a different lifestyle and speed up with a more disciplined school regimen and maintaining the COVID rules will lead to tighter adaption in schools and a lot of adaption in children.

Closures of Schools

The 70% of the urban Indians polled that school closures are an acceptable price to pay for reducing the COVID-19 transmissions. Top countries Mexico (81%), Peru (81%), Columbia (80%), Chile (79%) and Saudi Arabia (76%). And the markets agreeing least were: South Korea (38%) and Japan (31%) are backing this view.

How to access to education can be improved

Urban Indians believe that education can be improved by funding and 53% believe that school uniforms, books, transport, and education should be funded and 35% believe that direct investment in schools for maintenance and some think 34% for IT Training programs to improve digital skills.

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