Change in consumer behavior noted post COVID 19

Young woman wearing disposable medical mask shopping in supermarket during coronavirus pneumonia outbreak. Protection and prevent measures while epidemic time.

Being responsible and responsive is the key feature that every human has to adopt during this current situation. This pandemic has created a path of change in various sectors. And also the giants in the industry have analysed and sketched the consumer needs by figuring out the shift in consumer behavior.

The trend has completely changed. The focus is more on being healthy and getting more digitalized. Work from home and become a mandatory process and few companies wish to continue the same, as they found it resource-saving. 

From rare usage of the sanitizers, the need has changed to the frequent use of them. Having this, the masters of the industry are taking up some serious considerations about this matter. They have grouped up in the form of webinars and sharing their thought process for a better understanding. Regarding this, chairman Sanjiv Mehta of Hindustan Unilever has conducted webinars to cope up with the pandemic situation. She stated that the game-changer would be the growing demand for hygiene and immunity.

The flow of the meeting started with the moderated by columnist and brand consultant Santosh Desai and the panel consisted of Mehta, Titan managing director CK Venkataraman, Google India country head Sanjay Gupta and the Mercedes-Benz India MD Martin Schwenk. The main discussion on the meeting is posted COVID-19 behavior of the consumer. Especially the dos and don’ts. 

The consumer needs changes based on the climate and the happenings around them. That is why the panel had a serious discussion on the same and figured out the need of the hour.

On a note, one year from now, everyone will be able to step out safely and have a safe living again. Until then, there is a huge necessity for everyone to live with all the entity that is available now.

Even the world’s topmost search engine, Google has made its contribution towards the council webinar. Google’s Gupta stated that the time when fear of the virus gripped the nation, the internet helped in keeping quarantined consumers positively engaged.

That is a point that has to be agreed and made attention to it.

Nothing prevails so long irrespective of it being good or bad. Everything needs and the steps are taken to make the change is quite important. Adapting to the new normal is one efficient thing that every mankind has to do, to make a better living.


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