Market demands digitalization and data is booming


The use of data mining and other related services has skyrocketed during the pandemic. With almost the majority of the population going more and more digital a large amount of data is being produced.

Right now information is wealth. With the right information, companies can sell their products and services to the customer and earn revenue from these customers without them ever leaving their homes.

Online Shopping

The increase in online shopping has increased significantly during the pandemic. The online shopping platforms have now turned to deliver groceries also to the customers. The use of data by these online shopping platforms is evident. Once they are installed they have access to your browser history. Using the information available there say you searched for a mobile phone, the shopping application can use this information to sell its products by showing advertisements for mobile phone sales and offers. This is done by mining the data in your browsers and then combing through it using data mining software’s so that only the relevant information is retrieved for the company.

Medical & Allied Services

The use of data mining software is most significantly used in the medical field especially during the pandemic. A large amount of information used needs to be filtered so that only the relevant information is used for the early detection of virus clusters and also possible outbreaks. Data mining also helps in tracking the number of patients who are infected with what disease and number of patients who are cured. In allied services, data mining can be used for vaccine development. A large amount of data can be filtered and fed into an AI algorithm which helps in fast-tracking vaccine development.

Online Gaming

The use of online gaming platforms has increased during the pandemic. Online games like poker, rummy, etc rely on information obtained by data mining to find a prospective player so that they can advertise their application. They also use this information to find which model of payment the customers use more and what combination of rewards the customer is more likely to be attracted by. All this is done to increase the revenue and also to better the user experience.


The use of Data mining and data mining software has increased during this pandemic. With the amount of digitalization done more than ever before it is evident that organizations are rushing to get the necessary data to have sales and generate revenue.


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