Digital and Social Marketing Trends for 2013


Digital and social marketing however were the most discussed factors in 2012. The year saw the most happening trends that eventually rocked the market. With the year 2012 ending on a high, the following year is expected to be gifted with better trends what would make a common mans way of living different. Here are few factors in digital and social marketing platforms which are expected to conquer the market in 2013.

Marketing Shift to Consumers:  The year will see the rise of quality content shift to the user’s network therefore multiplying the availability of brand marketing.

Gamification: Organizations can use this effective way for the sharing process and try finding new customers.  This process would expand once consumers start responding to promotions.

Cross-Social Network Promotions: Organizations can now promote their products on multiple social networks at the same time. Hence they can extend their reach through other networks as well along with the network they have already been promoting in.

Rise of SoLoMo: This is an effective mobile marketing methodology engaging consumers with location-based specials. Nearby mobile users would are provided incentives once they walk into the store.

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