Digital OOH firm Ocean Outdoor introduces Touchless Advertising Screens


Digital out of home (DOOH) media owner, Ocean has announced plans to launch touchless advertising screens, powered by Ultraleap, which will transform audience and brand experiences post COVID-19

For replacing touch screen activity with displays and interfaces which are triggered by natural hand interactions, Ocean will implement mid-air haptics technology to DOOH.

The virtual technology, which doesn’t need any wearables, will be incorporated into Ocean screens in key experiential spaces and deployed on a campaign by campaign basis, permitting audiences to trigger or control screen content using hand gestures rather than touch surfaces.

Ocean is the primary favoured DOOH media owner in the UK to work with technology company Ultraleap to encourage the roll out touchless campaigns across its premium retail and downtown area portfolio.

Director of Ocean Labs Catherine Morgan said: “The introduction of touchless screen technology across our portfolio is timely. People are understandably cautious about using any kind of touchscreen technology in public places. Haptics is an ideal solution. It is hygienic, safe and will add an entire new dimension to Ocean’s experiential offer and immersive brand experiences.”

Ultraleap’s virtual touch technology uses hand tracking and ultrasound to make sensations on a user’s hand to simulate the sense of touch. Ultraleap sensors permit the feeling to respond to movement in real time.

As well as controlling content via hand gestures, the haptics provide immersive sensations on a participant’s palm, which are customised and matched up to the interactive on-screen experience. These can be anything from electric force fields, fizzy bubbles or even a virtual button that you can feel on your palm.

CEO of Ultraleap, Steve Cliffe said: “We’re proud to power immersive, engaging and safe brand experiences with Ocean Outdoor and their customers. As we all navigate the post COVID-19 world, Ocean is ready to integrate our technology and great brand content to offer consumers that spark of joy, as well as reassurance.”

These touchless advertising screens will bring the marketers to the next level with the virtual technology. There is no doubt that this will be a game changing move for the advertising industry.


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