Digital Refresh Networks wins the digital mandate for Hari:Bol


India, 6th December 2023: Digital Refresh Networks (DRN), an AI-assisted content solutions company, has won the digital mandate for Hari:Bol. The unique dairy and satvik products brand.
Digital Refresh Networks will spearhead the creative communication for Hari:Bol, reinforcing the brand’s digital presence and solidifying its standing as an industry trailblazer.

Hari:Bol stands as a commendable initiative, championing the revival of the ‘Farm to Folk’ culture and contributing significantly to rural communities through a transparent and sustainable model. In a laudable commitment, Hari:Bol directs 100% of its profits towards Rural Development and Hunger Eradication under the aegis of the revered ISKCON association. Hari:Bol’s impact is multifaceted, reaching economic, health, and educational dimensions, exemplifying its dedication to holistic well-being. This partnership marks a significant milestone for DRN, propelling them into the realms of comprehensive social media and media planning initiatives.

Expressing enthusiasm about this collaboration, Punit Khandelwal, Sales Head, Hari:Bol, stated, “DRN demonstrated an exceptional understanding of our brand ethos, addressing our concerns about market positioning with precision. Their pitch not only met our creative requirements but also laid the foundation for promising results. By aligning our creative and media strategies, we anticipate gaining a competitive edge in the market.”

Barin Mukherjee, CEO, Digital Refresh Networks, anticipates a bright future for this collaboration. He affirms, “We are honored to collaborate with Hari:Bol and are poised to create a significant impact in the market. We hope to leverage our previous learnings of working with brands in the food and beverage category and craft unique digital experiences that resonate deeply with Hari:Bol’s audience, ensuring a meaningful and enduring connection.”

This partnership not only reflects DRN’s commitment to excellence but also emphasizes Hari:Bol’s dedication to its core values and the noble cause it supports through the ISKCON association. Together, they look forward to shaping a digital narrative that not only amplifies Hari:Bol’s reach but also leaves a lasting positive imprint on the community it serves.

The account will be handled out of the agency’s Mumbai office.

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