Discussions.app switch to one of the most powerful blockchain networks in the world run by Telos


Discussions.app, a social media network powered by the Reddit internet forum that operates on a shared blockchain ledger, revealed that it would switch to one of the most powerful blockchain networks in the world run by Telos. Both will work together on a shared identification scheme that will allow users to archive their Twitter accounts on the blockchain. As a result, whether users are shut out or removed from Twitter or other social media sites, their friends will still know where to find them.

“At the outset of the talks. App two years ago, our mission has always been to give consumers back ownership of their virtual media lives, “said Jacques Xu, co-founder of Discussions.”Telos is helping us drive this project at a time when our online media system is falling apart. The Talks, guy.

The Discussions. app system offers a heavily scalable, publicly dispersed communication mechanism comparable to Reddit and Twitter that serves a large audience. With the inclusion of Telos, Discussions would now be able to incorporate the capacity of users to allow virtual machines to use smart contracts and therefore share tokens and currencies with unique rules to establish exchange rates and applications. Ideally, a shared identity scheme would allow people to switch from any social network they chose without having to think about what kind of site they preferred. They might be digital nomads and easily append a unique ID to any network username, and their peers will then be able to recognize them on any social network by submitting Discussions. If it’s Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or some other site, they’d just need to find a specific Name, open the Topic tab, and add all the necessary metadata.

Suddenly, what seemed like a remote outsider is now a familiar acquaintance again – and we don’t need to maintain exceptional recall to recall five names for others to recall as they pass through various social media sites. “The talks. The software empowers individuals to protect their social networks that are immune to the whims of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, “said Horn.