Does NASA require scientist to learn the Sanskrit language?


Sanskrit has always been a crucial language in intellectual communities. Despite its ancient origin, the language has some astounding characteristics that are considered helpful in several fields. It is also used for therapy sessions in spiritual remissions and psychology.

But its recent involvement with AI is an honor proving its power for being a valuable course of literature.

The grammar is also makes satisfactory for machine learning and even AI. For historians, the prospect of using Sanskrit to develop artificially intelligent machines is inspiring because it exploits the past innovatively to deliver solutions for the longer term.

NASA Sanskrit relation is not new. It all started in the year 1985 when a NASA associate scientist published an inquiry paper within the spring issue of AI Magazine. (Volume 6 Number 1).  Rick Briggs, the scientist who submitted his research entitled Vedic Science- ‘Knowledge Representation in Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence.’

The article argued about Natural languages being the simplest choice to be converted into the computing program for robotic control and AI technology. The research focuses on Sanskrit among the pool of the many human languages, explaining that it’s one of the foremost suitable ones for computing techniques. However, an in-depth discussion about this research paper is due within the article onwards, here may be a summary in Rick Briggs’ own words derived from an equivalent journal.

NASA had been researching this matter for quite 20 years. A lot of cash, time, and resources had been invested. The outcomes favor the mixing of a language that will be converted into machine computing to reinforce AI efficiency. The detail above indicates NASA’s immense interest in Sanskrit and therefore the research is authentically done by NASA over many levels. However, the paper was published in 1985 which is nearly quite 20 years ago, yet it’s a standard incontrovertible fact that NASA’s research is usually prolonged over decades to derive official results.

Currently, NASA is additionally performing on AI for space communications which is clear proof that the subject of “Artificial intelligence Development” was never closed NASA.

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