DOOP programmatic campaign launched by Foodpanda


Every day it is a new issue and concern when it comes to the food industry. Food plays a very vital and important role in the life of Mankind. From eat to survive, to survive to eat, the trend has changed completely. From cooking at home to eating in restaurants to getting our food at doorstep, is again clearly sketches out the evolution and shift in the lifestyle. Easy adoption is one thing that has never changed in the minds of Human beings. The better they see, they get familiarized with the same and opt for it.

And led to the boom of several online food delivery firms. It is also a great success since people’s preferences and lifestyles as seen as a drastic changeover.

The keynote is that leading food delivery firm, Food panda has adopted some new trends that grab customers and make the existing customers benefit more.

The firm feels that trend adoption is an efficient thing and does the same. That led to the adoption of the DOOP campaign for their brand promotion.

DOOP is nothing but a combination of the traditional advertising platform with that of some digital updates. This creates a huge reach to all the targeted customers. As well as makes the brand prevail in the market and make its stand.

Thus with this update, Food panda created a platform for the consumers to engage even better with the firm. The update is all about understanding the customer’s current scenario and going something favorable to them. This is a very creative thing that would grab the attention of the consumers.

The pop-ups that appear on the analysis of the current weather and giving something that adds on to their mood is the main motive. For example, the pop up of ice cream on a hot sunny day. Yes, that would be so perfect and ultimately results in buying ice cream.

This all because of the DOOP campaign that took ahead of and set the bars high. The fair and steady competition is welcomed into the market which will benefit the customers.

Maybe the idea of this was grabbed from the postman service, but it is a success story. Many unemployed have benefited from this, several situations in which food is needy, they have served, and been there to help. There is lots more to come.


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