DotReview ‘Glassdoor’ start-ups unveils in India


The Covid-19 pandemic has fetched disorder in the marketplace all over the globe. Indian start-ups have, however, come out with winged colours by raising $7.8 billion in the initial four months of 2021. This further gives the importance of investors in the market. An original and advanced product termed DotReview objects to run creators and depositors with a podium to enable their respected time is spend fewer watching for the precise investors, and more on the structure and grading their product.

DotReview is a stage for originators to get dependable and righthand analyses of investors. As a groundbreaking stage, DotReview, would enable founders to share their experiences through stable and verified reviews with ambitious creators. Not only does this podium help founders to learn more about a specific VC, but also shares their uncertainties with the public and seeks incognito guidance. Jasveer Singh and Pearl Agarwal, Co-Founders of DotReview have had their own understandings ranging over a decade in capitalizing and start-ups. Realizing the mutual problem of the laborious procedure involved in resulting in the right stockholder, they decided to solve the problem by providing creators with a stand where tested and honest reviews will be shared about stakeholders.

The reviews will be printed by knowledgeable businesspersons who have gone through the fund-raise voyage before and would like to share their understandings with the commercial community. Finding the stage, a need for today’s unpredictable marketplace, DotReview already has 200+ reviews on VCs and angels with it right now! Jasveer Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, DotReview, said, Founders typically take a 6-7 months gap to find the precise stakeholders. With over a decade of understanding in this pitch, he has cultured the worth of time while building several start-ups. He wants originators to effort more on their product and save time by discovering the true investor quicker. That’s where DotReview comes into play.

Structures of DotReview :

Maintains time for upcoming founders who can incognito gather righthand reviews from experts without spending numerous hours finding the precise linking.

Adopts a founder-friendly investment ecosystem wherein educated businesspersons share their knowledge with imminent founders namelessly.

Generates a vertical community for the founder-investor environment to study about each other and cooperate flawlessly.

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