DS Group launches TVC for Rajnigandha Pearls with Anushka Sharma


Rajnigandha Pearls, a luxury brand of the DS Group Multi-Business Corporation, has launched a new television advertising campaign.

The TVC, which stars brand ambassador and Bollywood superstar Anushka Sharma, advances and firmly re-establishes the company’s key concept and philosophy: ‘Achchai ki Ek Alag chamak hoti hai.’

Compassion and human goodwill are celebrated in the film. The TVC, with its heartfelt narrative and spectacular visual execution, demonstrates how a tiny deed, even if done anonymously, may bring a smile to someone’s face. The different execution demonstrates the significance of ‘Achhai’ in everyday life.

The campaign is genuine, showing Anushka Sharma in a real-life context executing a nice deed. She takes a few seconds out of her hectic schedule to execute a selfless gesture that makes someone less fortunate feel more at ease.

“The Rajnigandha Pearls brand narrative is built on the notion of ‘Deliciousness that shines,’ or ‘Acha hai ki Ek Alag chamak hoti hai,’ which articulates the deliciousness of delicious food wrapped in brilliant silver,” said Arvind Kumar, General Manager, Marketing, DS Confectionery Products Pvt. Ltd.

The new campaign tells a story based on the brand’s philosophy, emphasizing the topic and showcasing selfless compassion that shines through even the smallest acts of kindness to share joy.”

The film, which was planned and made by Law and Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi, begins with Anushka Sharma shivering and descending the stairs of a posh residential building’s lobby on a frigid winter night.

The tired and shivering guard rises to meet the Bollywood starlet. When asked if it was chilly and how long the night was, the guard replies sheepishly. She grins as she goes deliberately into the elevator that would transport her to her apartment floor. She looks at the security guard in the elevator, grins, and touches her phone to place an internet order for hot tea and cookies to be delivered discreetly to the guard.

The guard is pleasantly delighted when a delivery man brings him a packet of much-needed tea along with several delicacies for him without mentioning the benefactor.

Anushka concludes the film by recalling her grandmother’s notion of true goodness: ‘Achchai Ek haath se Karo to doosre haath ko pata bhi na chale.’

The notion echoes the message of ‘Achchai ke Ek Alag chamak hoti hai’ for Rajnigandha Pearls, which are created from the finest cardamom seeds, saffron, and pure silver leaves. The musical thread that connects the TVC is the background soundtrack ‘Dil bada to tu bada.’

Each component of the campaign encourages individuals to grasp the moment for tiny acts of kindness that bring joy and happiness into someone’s life, rather than waiting for big moments to do good.

This new integrated 360-degree campaign is being launched across many media platforms, utilizing numerous contact points in the consumer ecosystem.

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