Dabur Honey promotes empowerment and inclusion in new campaign


Dabur India Limited is India’s largest consumer goods corporation, with interests in a wide range of categories including health supplements, digestives, and ethical products, hair care, oral care, skincare, home care, and foods.

Dabur Honey is a product that is regarded as a top health food all over the world. This viscous golden liquid has been prized for its medicinal powers for millennia.

Dabur Honey, a subsidiary of Dabur India Ltd, launched a first-of-its-kind media campaign called “Shuddhata Sabke Liye” on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Dabur has released a film to encourage empowerment, inclusivity, and equal opportunity for all. It has released a film to promote the ideas of empowerment, inclusion, and equal opportunity for everyone. The film portrays an independent and empowered blind couple.

Dabur India Ltd.’s Category Head, Kunal Sharma said that With this campaign, they want to honuor the fact that, aside from their handicap, persons with disabilities are no different from people without disabilities. It was an attempt to offer gratitude to the entire community of disabled persons for their contribution to our development.

In the video, Dabur Honey infuses sweetness into the life of a couple who, despite adversity, make every moment special for each other. The purity of Dabur Honey has long been a significant part of people’s lives, whether for sweetness, health, or celebration.

This campaign’s concept and execution were created by KINTEL. Ashay Sahasrabuddhe, Founder CEO of KINTEL said that People with disabilities not only live like the rest of us, but they also utilize the same items we do. He said that he had witnessed blind friends go about their daily lives in the same way that we do. They enjoy partying as much as we do, and they enjoy cooking as much as we do.

Dabur’s trademarks and goods have a daily impact on millions of people. This diverse spectrum, which crosses age divisions, social borders, and geographic boundaries, has helped us build a trusting relationship with our consumers. It’s no surprise that Dabur has consistently been voted the Most Trusted Ayurveda Healthcare Brand year after year.

Dabur has also been at the forefront of many number of community service activities aimed at making India stronger and more resilient

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