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C-DOT, or the Centre for Development of Telematics, Ministry of Communications, Government of India conducted a workshop on the theme, “Exploiting the Potential of Indian Telecom R&D Together – The Way Forward.”

The event was inaugurated by Shri K Rajaraman, Secretary of the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, in the presence of Ms. Anita Praveen, Special Secretary of the Department of Telecommunications.

The workshop aimed to bring various stakeholders the industry, academia, R&D, and startups on a common forum to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the local manufacturing environment and to formulate productive technologies.

The focus was on leveraging the R&D expertise of C-DOT in diverse areas of Telecom by the Indian manufacturing and startup environment to speed up the local development of market-deployable solutions to export to other countries and to meet domestic demand.

To support the growth of locally developed and manufactured technologies on a worldwide scale, the workshop participants were briefed about the R&D ventures of C-DOT along with cutting-edge initiatives of the Department of Telecommunications.

Shri K Rajaraman, speaking at the event, emphasized the importance of tapping into the huge potential of indigenous technologies to facilitate the realization of the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and “Gati Shakti.”

He also called attention to the importance the Government has placed on making India a manufacturing hub. This is reflected in the incredible growth of Indian electronics manufacturing since 2014-15.

He urged C-DOT to take active leadership in the early administering of 5G and 6G in cooperation with various Indian enterprises.

Rajesh Tuli, MD of Coral Telecom, T.S. Ramu, Director of Lekha Wireless, and Rajaram Ghosh, CEO of Priyaraj Electronics, all expressed their views on finding opportunities for mutual participation to build productive alliances with C-DOT to reduce dependence on technology imports and to devise indigenous solutions.

The representatives from the Technology Development Board of the Government of India talked about the different measures taken by the Government to provide support and funding to eligible enterprises for indigenous innovations.

To explore areas of collaboration to meet market-driven requirements, bilateral meets were arranged amongst the representatives from C-DOT, DOT, and Indian startups and companies.

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