Early Diagnosis and Treatment by American Oncology Institute (AOI) Calicut saves 58-Year-Old Female Suffering from Cervical Cancer  

Early Diagnosis and Treatment by American Oncology Institute (AOI) Calicut saves 58-Year-Old Female Suffering from Cervical Cancer

Regains confidence and leads successful career as a farmer while receiving awards for excellent farming practices 

Calicut, Sept 27th, 2023: A Calicut based 58-year-old female diagnosed with carcinoma of cervix, commonly known as cervical cancer that forms in tissues of the cervix (the organ connecting the uterus and vagina) was successfully treated at American Oncology Institute (AOI), Calicut. As the case was critical, it was immediately presented at the Multidisciplinary Tumour Board to review, discuss and devise the treatment options.  

Rashmi (name changed) hailing from Wayanad was referred to Dr Dhanya K.S., MD, Radiation Oncology, AOI with a complaint of bleeding of the vagina for 2 months. After a thorough evaluation and investigation, it was found that the patient was diagnosed with carcinoma of cervix.  

Elaborating on the procedure, Dr Dhanya K.S., MD, Radiation Oncology, AOI said, “The patient received a whole-pelvic external beam radiotherapy along with chemotherapy for five cycles. This was followed by 3 cycles of intracavitary brachytherapy. She had a complete clinical and radiological response and was kept on regular follow-up for three years. Cervical cancer is a very common cancer in females, and it is a curable malignancy if detected in early stages. Regular screening is one of the most powerful tools for early detection and prevention of cancer, especially for women after the age of 35. AOI is backed by the latest technology, centralized radiation treatment planning, and international standard cancer treatment protocols to ensure a holistic precision cancer care approach for the patients’ well-being.” 

The patient was extremely anxious at the time of her diagnosis as the treatment was extremely difficult for her body and mind, but she eventually accepted it with a positive attitude. Post her treatment, she regained confidence and began working as a farmer and received numerous awards for the excellent farming methods from various organisations. It also serves as an excellent source of inspiration for everyone to fight cancer. 

Mr. Krishna Das, Zonal Director, American Oncology Institute, Calicut, said, “The successful journey of Rashmi, from a diagnosis of cervical cancer to her triumphant return as an accomplished farmer, embodies the strength that lies within us all. Her story reminds us that challenges can be transformed into opportunities, and that with the right medical expertise, determination, and a positive attitude, we can overcome even the most daunting obstacles. At American Oncology Institute (AOI), we are committed to harnessing cutting-edge technology, expert care, and comprehensive treatment strategies to empower our patients in their fight against cancer. Rashmi’s transformation is a testament to the power of integrated, patient-centered care, and we are honoured to be a part of her inspiring journey.” 

AOI, the top hospital for cancer in Calicut has launched its operations for oncology services at Baby Memorial Hospital. Centrally located, the cancer hospital aims to improve the quality of life of the patients through the provision of comprehensive diagnosis and cancer treatments that include Radiation, Medical, and Nuclear Medicine for people across all age groups and genders. Unlike other units, AOI at Baby Memorial Hospital is the center of excellence for Nuclear Medicine providing advanced imaging techniques such as PET CT and hybrid SPECT-CT in Calicut. The cancer center in Calicut is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Regarded as the top centre for cancer treatment in Calicut, the hospital delivers the unmatched cancer care and personalized treatment to its cancer patients dealing with various types of cancers. 

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