EaseMyTrip’s Co-Founder Rikant Pittie puts sparkly smile on team Habbits faces in Episode 8 of Indian Angels by investing in the startup

EaseMyTrip’s Co-Founder Rikant Pittie puts sparkly smile on team Habbits faces in Episode 8 of Indian Angels by investing in the startup
EaseMyTrip’s Co-Founder Rikant Pittie puts sparkly smile on team Habbits faces in Episode 8 of Indian Angels by investing in the startup


The travel industry veteran keeps his optimum investment pace in the show as he shakes hands with Team Habbits


New Delhi, December 06, 2023: Mr. Rikant Pittie, the dynamic Co-Founder of EaseMyTrip.com, has once again demonstrated his commitment to supporting innovative ventures with a strategic investment in Episode 8 of the ‘Indian Angels’ show streaming on Jio Cinema. Aired on December 03, 2023, this latest episode showcased Mr. Pittie’s investment of 6 lakhs in Habbits, a forward-thinking Indian oral care brand.

Habbits is at the forefront of modernizing and upgrading oral health routines with its ethical, clean, and innovative oral care products. In a world where busy lifestyles demand products that align with modern needs, Habbits emerges as a pivotal player, breaking away from conventional oral care norms.

In the dynamic landscape of oral care, recognizing the need for products that resonate with modern consumers is crucial. The market demands solutions that go beyond the conventional, addressing the diverse preferences and fast-paced lifestyles of today. A healthy mouth is integral to a healthy self, and my investment in Habbits signifies a strategic move to revolutionize the industry. This decision aligns with my commitment to innovation and dedication to providing consumers with products that prioritize their well-being. I believe in the potential of Habbits to redefine oral care, offering a unique blend of ethical, clean, and innovative products that cater to the evolving needs of the market.” — Mr. Rikant Pittie, Co-Founder, EaseMyTrip.

Habbits is dedicated to helping individuals modernize and upgrade their oral health routines with ethical, clean, and innovative products backed by experts. The brand believes that improved oral health translates into more sincere assurance, unadulterated compassion, and sincere connection. Habbits’ products are crafted with pure, high-performing ingredients and are supported by tested research.

Leading up to the eighth episode, Mr. Rikant Pittie has been one of the spearheads when it comes to the investment angle in the show as one of the top investors ranked by the amount invested in various companies. The travel industry veteran has currently invested in brands like Atpata by taste, Happy Curves, ReGrip, Shakti Wearables, Vastu Ghee, and Sohamm Snacks.

Mr. Rikant Pittie’s strategic investment in Habbits reflects his foresight in identifying and supporting ventures that address the evolving needs of consumers. Joining forces with other luminaries in the show, Mr. Pittie aims to propel Habbits toward further success and innovation in the realm of oral care.

Mr. Rikant Pittie entered the entrepreneurial arena at the tender age of 16, demonstrating early leadership and business acuity. His instrumental role in the development of EaseMyTrip, along with the establishment of its technological framework, showcases a profound comprehension of the intricacies inherent in building businesses from the ground up. Participating alongside five distinguished panellists on the ‘Indian Angels’ show, Mr. Pittie’s strategic investments in six ventures until the eighth episode of the show underscore his dedicated commitment to nurturing startups with the tenacity to overcome challenges and achieve success.

Claiming to be the world’s first angel investment show on OTT, ‘Indian Angels,’ produced by Digikore Studios, was released on November 03, 2023. It transforms the startup industry and entrepreneurial ecosystem with its innovative format, enabling viewers to become investors themselves.


*All investments are made in Mr. Rikant Pittie’s personal capacity and no investment is made from the company EaseMyTrip