Easy Smartphone EMI via UPI: ControlZ Teams up with BharatX

Yug Bhatia
Easy Smartphone EMI via UPI: ControlZ Teams up with BharatX

New Delhi, 25 September 2023 – ControlZ, a prominent premium renewed smartphone brand, has forged a strategic partnership with BharatX to introduce an innovative EMI option through the UPI. This dynamic collaboration aims to revolutionize the way customers acquire their preferred premium devices, offering unparalleled flexibility and affordability.

Through ControlZ easy EMI, powered by BharatX, customers can access a diverse range of mobile phones with convenient EMI plans, making premium smartphones accessible to a wider audience. The registration process is remarkably streamlined, allowing customers to complete it with a simple OTP verification, eliminating the need for tedious procedures.

This collaboration eliminates the traditional credit score requirement, ensuring that a larger demographic can benefit from the EMI offer. Regardless of whether your credit score is high or low, you can now enjoy the advantages of affordable EMIs. Additionally, unlike the complex paperwork often associated with traditional EMI processes, ControlZ easy EMI necessitates minimal documentation. Users can effortlessly complete the process, securing instant approval and swift access to their desired mobile devices.

Furthermore, this initiative offers customers the flexibility to choose from 3, 6, 9, or 12-month EMI options, enabling them to tailor their payment plans according to their financial preferences.

Mr. Yug Bhatia, Founder and CEO of ControlZ, expressed, ‘With ControlZ Easy EMI, our mission is to make dreams more affordable. We firmly believe that a broader audience should have the opportunity to acquire their desired premium devices without the burden of financial constraints. We are dedicated to reshaping perceptions of the pre-owned smartphone market, continually working on innovative ways to enhance affordability within this sector.’

Mehul Nath Jindal, Founder and CEO of BharatX, also shared his excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with ControlZ. Our combined expertise will surely empower more consumers to buy what they desire without any financial constraints.”

ControlZ’s partnership with BharatX is not just about smartphones; it represents a groundbreaking step towards a more inclusive and eco-friendly future for the industry. ControlZ aims to democratize access to premium devices, allowing a broader audience to acquire their dream devices through easy EMI options on UPI. ControlZ envisions the entire process to mirror the experience of purchasing a brand-new device, ensuring a seamless and satisfying journey for every customer.