Ekta Khungar and Sudheendr Chokkasamudra are promoted by Sense Digital


In an effort to strengthen its team and streamline operations across India, Sense Digital, the top provider of advertising and digital marketing solutions in the country, promoted Ekta Khungar to Vice President, Sales – Key Accounts and appointed Sudheendra Chokkasamudra to Vice-President, Sales & Strategy.

It brings us enormous joy to have this amazing core team by our side as we seek to soar new heights as a collective entity,” said Nipun Malik, co-founder of Sense Digital.

We take great delight in seeing our coworkers flourish and welcoming knowledgeable individuals into our ever-expanding Sense Digital family. This is a testament to our development as a company. Acting on our objective to improve operations, we seek to develop talent and support employee growth while providing the best possible customer service. We have strengthened our staff and now plan to use the diligent efforts and tenacity of our employees to drive our growth.

With almost 17 years of experience in the digital, advertising, content, and programmatic sales industries, Sudheendra will be crucial to boosting Sense Digital’s growth module going forward. His primary areas of experience include media strategy, digital sales and marketing, advertising revenue generation, and business development. He will be in charge of demand creation and campaign strategy at Sense Digital in addition to these verticals. Prior to this, he held the positions of National Leader (Key Accounts) and Associate Vice President with businesses including My Gate and Firework. Prior to that, he served as Chief Manager at ETV Bhaarat (Ad Sales).

Ekta Khungar has also been promoted at Sense Digital to the post of Vice President, Sales – Key Accounts. Her main responsibilities will include developing new business, generating revenue, and increasing online sales for the company’s key accounts, to mention a few. Ekta has 18 years of experience altogether as a media sales specialist. She specialises in Solution Articulation, Pre-Sales & Deal Negotiations, and Client Demonstrations, all of which have assisted businesses in consistently producing income. She was once an Associate Vice President for West at Adomantra Digital. Earlier, she served as the Head of Business Development during her employment at ICEBERG Media Private Limited.

Sense Digital is working to strengthen its personnel by making significant changes to its core team. The rapidly expanding firm is seeking for an upward growth trajectory while enhancing their sales division and the digital ecosystem with the aid of such seasoned and skilled employees.

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