ELONGATE CRYPTOCURRENCY exhibits an increase in social effects and exacerbation of natural effects.


The ELONGATE social effects cryptocurrency fully describes integration into a multi-organizational enterprise. Personally, ELONGATE will be branded as two important non -partisan and integrated, the value of EG Membership, which can control the impact of activities through the collection of donations, charitable giving. , funds, etc. The other element is six ELONGATE Worlds, which can be operated to monitor know-how situations and growth challenges.

The ELONGATE token works on the Binance Smart Chain. The 10% transaction fee rewards people with a great value go to charity. People don’t need to do things except hold their signs to earn signs. You don’t government force every time someone makes a trade. You have to hold your signs and watch them happen.
5% goes to permanent signage and charity. Every little detail and every transaction results in putting food on someone’s plate or a roof over their head.

ELONGATE’s mission is to use community and blockchain initiatives to launch a global movement that challenges businesses as usual and generates profits associated with positive effects.

Mr. Hasan Aziz, who currently oversees Elongate’s overall operations, said in an interview with ELONGATE that the merger means that cryptocurrency can play an important role in the social sector. People around the world. He ensured that the two organizations could work together to build the future with the ELONGATE strategy.
Likewise, ELONGATE Brand Director Alexander Gambon said that, with the subsequent integration completed, they can accelerate several amazing, especially centered events around the brand, the community, and their shared missions to make a lasting impression. interaction impact He added that this is just a big stepping stone for ELONGATE.

By combining individual motivations with the act of charity, the ELONGATE token elevates the cryptographic community and makes charity and true visual aid part of the historical record.

This is the capital that can’t see its direction for a charitable organization and is now engaging the community in something for the benefit of all. Accepting its important foundation in memes and website culture, ELONGATE is meant to facilitate the survival of millions.
He begins by engaging in meaningful conversations with charities, educating them about the possibility of cryptocurrency, and opening the door to the humanitarian efforts of real people around the world to accept cryptocurrency.

Through transaction fees and donation offers, ELONGATE unlocks relevant missions in a world of revenue generation and cryptographic listening in a world of excellence.

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