IBA and Adfactors PR signs MoU to steer the world in blockchain adoption


India’s largest public relations consultancy, Adfactors PR has signed an MoU (Memorandum of understanding) with India Blockchain Alliance to strengthen the conversations around Blockchain in India.

Adfactors PR is India’s largest public relations firm. It explores creative solutions to business on emerging technologies also generates powerful problem-definition and customized solutions. It’s a multi-specialist and a full-service firm where it serves over 25 industries across 40 cities in India which incorporates the most important corporation, conglomerates, financial institutions, trade bodies, and also brings up youth start-ups and unicorns. Adfactors is a member of PROI Worldwide which is that the largest partnership of independent public relation firms.

IBA that is India Blockchain Alliance an authoritative group of experts and enthusiasts. It is an industry where Indian business and Business professionals will participate within the digital economy through blockchain technology. It also aspires to India that leads the world with the adoption of blockchain that has transformed the economy and society to realize greater efficiency, service quality, and social engagement and employment.

The adoption of Blockchain technology by the industries and governments across India will help to drive innovative services delivery across all sectors within the economy.

Recently Adfactors has signed the MoU with IBA. MoU will create synergy among different stakeholders in business, industry leader’s technologists, and main conversations around blockchain, DLT, etc.

With this partnership, IBA and Adfactors PR  line up to determine India that leads the world within the adoption of blockchain technology which is able to turn the society into greater competitiveness, efficiency, service quality, etc.

By 2025, the worldwide market of blockchain is estimated to succeed in $40 billion. During the primary first half of 2021 start-up in blockchain and cryptocurrency has received nearly $100 million, indicating the growing interest of investors in technology. The technology finds applications across public healthcare, finance, energy, supply chain, real estate, and social impact projects, etc.

Adfactors will constantly strive to support businesses in a rapidly changing world that has resulted in the launch of several industries including a replacement economy, technologies, and mobility. Of these specialize in communications around society.

For the past 24 years, PR has been at forefront of driving conversations around new technologies to create more impact on the society and economy.  

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