Emerging Trends in Data Science


Despite the COVID -19 pandemic, the rising innovations on data science have accelerated its demand in the industry. Due to its high demand, companies look forward to hiring more number of data scientists and AI/ML engineers.

A shortage of ability is visible in the sector. Data science helps organizations in using advanced devices and technologies to automate complicated business processes for extracting, analyzing, and presenting raw data.

Due to the absence of talented experts in the field around 50,000 jobs stay open. Companies training their mathematicians and analysts in data science courses will be able to stay up with the competition. Companies such as Amazon, Cisco are hiring data scientists amidst this lockdown. Amazon requires data scientists with machine learning strategies such that the organization can exhibit better performance.

Cisco hires senior data scientists who can lead the rest of the data scientists and data engineers by developing a plan to meet the objectives. Companies are more into data scientists who have good knowledge in programming languages, scripting for data analysis such as Python.

Effective Big Data analysis helps the organizations to achieve their goals using various devices and technologies such as python to analyze their big data. Furthermore, predictive analytics plays a significant role in recognizing trends and make predictions based on the data. Organizations such as Amazon use predictive models to stock warehouses based on demand across neighborhoods.

 Cognitive systems empower companies to comprehend unstructured information through natural language processing (NLP).  Management needs to develop skills in the employees such as making maximum utilization of cognitive technologies. Various cognitive systems include IBM Watson, Stanford’s Deep-dive, Google’s Deep-mind.

AI and machine learning adoption will create new demand for data science security professionals. Industries are seeking professionals in AI, machine learning, data science, and computer science. To showcase a good performance, data security researchers must be knowledgeable with the most recent innovations like Python and the other most commonly utilized languages in data science and data analysis

At least 33% of all information will go through the cloud by the end of 2020. Organizations with the capacity to take up this technology can come out to be successful in the future.


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