[Emerging Trends]Brands adapt to Indovation!


Indovatio nmeans creating products for Indians in India. The term was coined by Navi Radjou, independent thought leader and Fellow of Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. According to him, indovation means innovations that can address complex issues with simple solutions that could deliver more value at low cost.

Indovation as a concept has been well used by the foreign brands who have entered Indian market. For example, McDonald’s has never been so flexible with its menu anywhere except in India. They introduced veg meals along with meat burgers in their menus only for Indian consumers. Their indovation has extended to open a veg outlet in Kashmir. Electronics goods providers also indovate their products to suit Indian customers. The marketers today analyses the social media conversations to understand the needs of the people and indovate the products to match Indian consumers’ needs.

Examples of recent indovation.


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