Empowering Young Women: ‘Damini Squad’ and The Academy School (TAS) Join Forces to Boost Self-Defense Skills

'Damini Squad' and The Academy School (TAS) Join Forces
Empowering Young Women: 'Damini Squad' and The Academy School (TAS) Join Forces to Boost Self-Defense Skills

-The Academy School  (TAS) organised a special session with police’s Damini squad for its students

The Academy School (TAS), which aims to offer students practical knowledge for daily life in addition to textbook education, arranged a unique activity specifically for female students. The school set up a special ‘Damini Squad’ session with the assistance of Wakad Police to train the students and provide them with vital information about self-defence. During this session, female police officers engaged with the students and addressed their queries. They also reassured the students by saying, ‘We are with you in every situation.’ The female police officials emphasized that one should never hesitate to take measures for self-defence.

The Academy School (TAS) is one of the first few schools to implement the new national education policy. At the school, emphasis is given to the holistic development of students. In this school, education is imparted based on one of the best teaching methods in the world, the Finnish education system. Therefore, the goal of the teachers is to make students aware of various subjects. With this objective, the school organized this session in collaboration with the local police.

The school girls were visibly excited after seeing the female police officers in uniform from the Damini Squad. Female students from sixth to tenth grades had participated in the awareness programs. The police officers discussed a range of topics with the girls, such as how to defend oneself, recognizing which actions are inappropriate, how to identify improper touch, and many other related topics. The students too participated enthusiastically and asked numerous questions to gained more knowledge about self-defence.

“It’s essential to create a safe environment for female students while coming to and leaving from school. For this purpose, continuous efforts are underway from the Wakad police’s Damini Squad. Female students should inform the Damini officers about their issues, obstacles, and complaints. They will surely get assistance from them. Through such programs, awareness is being developed among the students, said principal of The Academy School (TAS) “, Ms. Indira Ramchandran.

In the feedback session, one of the student asked the police officers whether they will get help even in school? Responding to this, Police Constable Priyanka Gaikwad assured the students, “No matter where you are, if someone harasses you, immediately inform the police. We will rush to help you.” This way, TAS sets an exemplary standard for other schools, and it demonstrates a commitment to excellence in education.