Engaging Online Education for ECE in lockdown-By KVS Seshasai, Euro Kids International


COVID-19 pandemic has affected the education system and cause a major interruption in students learning. Pre-schooling is the first step for every child where they start learning and everything.

Due to this severe phase of COVID-19, there is a long-lasting impact on kids learning and future development. Around 150 million kids in the pre-school category are most affected.

On this issue, KVS Seshasai, chief Executive officer, pre-K-division, Euro kids international exclusively tells about the best way of engaging online education to pre-schoolers across India. Recently they have started a campaign called “RIGHT START, FLYING START”. This campaign encourages parents to give their children a high-quality online education through Euro kids. Their method of teaching, engaging with children, interactive classes are very well planned.

What was the thought behind this campaign to launch during the pandemic?

Based on medical research 90% of brain development occurs in the first six years of a child. Due to this pandemic, many schools have been closed it will lead to multiple risks. So based on that the online pre-schooling is the only way for the parents to keep their kids continue learning during this critical situation. 

How does the pandemic affect the closing of schools?

By March 2020, the schools, kinder gardens, anganwadis are closed and learning has become difficult for the toddlers. Also, Because of the financial distress, many pre-schools have been shut down and those who are transition to digital learning can survive and continue to provide education. 

How has Euro Kids international coped up during the pandemic?

COVID-19 has impacted the Education system and during this pandemic, everyone’s safety is more important. Keeping in mind they decided to continue the learning through online platforms. So the Euro kids pre-schools have decided to start an online pre-schooling platform through the HomeBuddy app in June 2020. It will be the best of learning where kids can enjoy their time with learnings.  

What are the steps taken for the franchisees of Euro kids and kangaroo kids during this pandemic?

All over the country, there are more than 1200 franchisees. Their primary objective is to give the best quality education so they are engaging them to offer both online and offline education platforms to connect with parents and children around their centers. For providing uninterrupted learning they came up with a campaign to support them.

Is it important for toddlers to learn online? They aren’t known how to sit still? Is it necessary?

For every child brain development will start at that age. Most of the parents are not joining for the pre-schooling that is the major problem. It can be difficult for the parents to send them to schools, so based on that the online platform is the best option for the parents to make their kids learn enjoying their time even they were stuck indoors. Children can learn the basics of the language, numeracy, colors, etc. 

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