Due to the COVID pandemic, the whole education system is forced to shift to online mode this year and for the whole year, students are attending the classes through online mode. We could say it is a remarkable feat, the entire young generation was homeschooled, took their online exams, completed their online assignments, even the workload of the teachers increased manifold. Because of the pandemic the demand for gadgets like smartphones, tablets education apps increased. We have heard many ingenious ways teachers adopted to impart education to the children without the help of tech paraphernalia via means of public address systems, open-air classes, etc. But there are some criticisms were poorer strata remained devoid of online classes due to the cost factor.

 Technology has assimilated into the learning environment since technology has become mainstream. For a child’s cognitive development such engaging activities are important that is their ability to think, understand, remember, communicate, imagine, and work out what might happen next. Chief Operating Officer of BYJU’S, Mrinal Mohit commented that children today are digital natives and it is crucial to note this. Learning from a screen is a primary habit for them. This new generation probably learns alphabets and numbers from the screen because nowadays children use smartphones, tablets, computers, and various other technologies naturally. He claims that they also use the same format for the education of their students and these students can focus on the screen taking the front row seat.

The MD, MBD Group, Monica Malhotra Kandhari commented that besides the features like a live classroom with adaptive testing, digital multimedia content for Grades KG to XII, recording facility, etc the app also has its analytics tool that gives us the detailed analysis of the students’ performance. some people believe that once the educational system re-opens the pace of online learning will slow down. The pandemic has made online learning an integral part of mainstream learning. MBD Group’s Kandhari pointed out that even experts believe that a hybrid model of learning will become an important system of education and online learning will become an integral component of school education.


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