Entropik launches Qatalyst, an Integrated AI User Research Platform

Qatalyst, an Integrated AI User Research Platform
Entropik launches Qatalyst, an Integrated AI User Research Platform

National, September 28, 2023: Entropik, a leader in human insights powered by AI, has proudly unveiled Qatalyst, the ultimate end-to-end AI-integrated user research platform that revolutionizes the way businesses gather insights to make informed decisions about their digital products. Qatalyst’s advanced emotion and behavioral analytics, such as Click Tracking, Eye Tracking, Facial Coding, and Voice AI, provide unbiased actionable insights, enhancing the comprehension of user behavior and preferences.

With real-time user tracking, unmoderated and moderated capabilities, and seamless ChatGPT (OpenAI API) integration, Qatalyst empowers users with timely, actionable insights to expedite decision-making. The platform boasts a customizable study builder with over 25 templates covering unmoderated, moderated, and task-based research techniques, in-depth analytics on user behavior and automated journeys, and an advanced insights generation tool to help create visually appealing and easily shareable research reports.

Qatalyst streamlines and augments the user research journey, equipping UX and Product teams with a comprehensive suite of robust tools to optimize their design and user research processes. By promoting early and continuous testing, Qatalyst enables the collection of invaluable user feedback, allowing teams to swiftly identify strengths and weaknesses in their product designs. This iterative approach empowers UX/Product professionals to make continuous refinements, leading to the development of exceptional user experiences.

Mr. Lava Kumar, Founder & CPO of Entropik, confidently stated, “Qatalyst marks a transformative moment in user research, backed by Gartner’s recognition of our platform’s excellence and our technological prowess with 17 patents on Emotion AI and Behavior AI technologies. Qatalyst serves as an all-encompassing solution for quick and well-informed product decisions, supporting diverse testing methods and harnessing unbiased insights through cutting-edge AI tools. Seamlessly integrating Insights GPT, design resources, and behavioral analytics, Qatalyst uplifts businesses in delivering actionable insights that fuel success.”

Qatalyst is a simple, intuitive, and completely DIY user research platform that enables businesses to assess products spanning from the prototype stage to post-live evaluations through varied research models: unmoderated testing for independent, unguided studies, moderated testing with real-time participation of moderators, and task-based testing involving post live interaction with respondents while performing a particular task. With Qatalyst, businesses can confidently make data-based decisions and create exceptional user experiences that drive growth and success.