Estonian government: Digital testbed framework


The Estonian government created a unique and creative collaboration model called the NS Digital testbed framework. Its goal is to provide startups, scale-ups, and govtech innovators with access to the technology used by the state to create its digital services.

The Estonian government provides excellent possibilities for firms from all around the globe to collaborate with them. This partnership enables businesses and inventors to obtain the appropriate testbed for their products without jumping through traditional hoops. In exchange, the Estonian government will have the ability to improve on other interesting new initiatives brought about through services and partnerships.

Users can use the government’s one-of-a-kind technological stack to create new and creative web and mobile applications. You may also put it through its tests against a government framework, obtain a proof of concept, and then incorporate it into your commercial solution. The Estonian government have a free solution and will contribute to a publicly accessible source code repository.

Because the agreement with the Estonian government is freely available, there are no contractual commitments or future responsibilities between the state and its partners. Businesses are free to sell their products elsewhere.

It is an arrangement for us to allow you to create your ideas with us, stated Siim Sikkut, CIO of the Estonian Government.

There is no end to the number of ideas and suggestions that bring value to Estonia, such as technological solutions that supplement the government, those that improve the service portfolio, those that simply better people’s lives, or COVID-19 solutions. 

If you are wondering why Estonia? Then let me ask you a better question, why not?

Estonia is known as one of Europe’s most innovative countries. And for the first time since 2003, Unicorn Skype has made video calls available to regular customers, with the continent highest number of unicorns per capita. 

According to Wired, Estonia is the most digitized society globally, as shown that 99% of government services are available online.

Before the testbed framework, Estonian government officials also developed open-source speech recognition software TalTech, HOIA-Texta COVID-19 exposure notification app, a text analysis tool Texta OÜ and a translation engine designed by the University of Tartu.

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