ET Money unveils a new brand identity, including a new logo


ET Money, one of India’s fastest-growing investment and wealth management platforms, today announced the introduction of ET Money Genius, a first-of-its-kind membership programme that will provide individualised investing information.

 ET Money has updated its App brand identity and established a new design framework to offer a hyper-personalised experience. It has also revealed a new logo, Wheel of Wealth, which represents stability, safety, a tailored approach to wealth, and the sense of freedom that wealth provides an individual in making and living their life choices.

It has also altered the spelling of the brand name from ETMONEY to ET Money to reflect how users of the App desired it to be spelt.

Mukesh Kalra, Founder & CEO of ET Moneys, commented on the launch, saying, “India is experiencing a remarkable surge of new investors across various investment products.” Indians are moving away from being only savers of tangible assets and into new investing opportunities. Stocks, mutual funds, IPOs, NFOs, cryptocurrency, and various other financial products are popular with Indians.

 However, Indians risk becoming only buyers, shoppers, or collectors of Investment Products instead of becoming investors. People are purchasing financial products in the same way they do commodities on shopping applications.

This is due to a lack of personalisation from the sector, where players are focused on inducing transactions or simply investment inflows due to a misaligned business strategy. In the lack of customisation, everyone buys the same investment products, regardless of Investor Personality, Risk Profile, time horizon, or life goals.

 We are taking on the issue of stopping this impulsive shopping practice and collecting Investment Products to develop tailored portfolios powered by ET Money’s Investing Intelligence. This service will be available solely to members and will be part of our new ET Money Genius service.”

ET Money’s new brand identity and a fresh new App experience, combined with its membership programme ET Money Genius, signal the beginning of its aim of assisting India in making educated financial decisions.

The brand has long stood for making Mutual Fund investing easier. It has consistently increased the innovation quotient of its services by making it simple to trade and adding a layer of investing intelligence via the development of new tools such as Fund Report Card, Investor Personality & Portfolio Health Check.

It has now set its sights on a more significant and more transformative objective of assisting in personalising this investment information.

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