Eve World Announces ‘Eve Creator World Program’


Eve World, a women-only platform that promotes expression, innovation, and community building, has announced the launch of the ‘Eve Creator World Program.’

The invite-only program intends to collaborate with the future generation of content creators based on their visions, goals, and expertise.

For the first time, women creators will be shortlisted and invited based on the effect and purpose of their material, rather than on the number of followers. They will also be able to access funding to help them continue their adventure on the platform.

The Eve Creator World Program is intended to empower and expand the micropreneurship ecosystem for women creators, to own their material and network, while creating options for innovative and wide monetization, according to Tarun Katial, Founder & CEO – Eve World.

He went on to say that the objective is to facilitate collaborations with subject matter experts and creators who exemplify their basic principles. They’d invite them to be their peer creator ambassadors, driving impact through video-first content and therefore building the tribe and community.

Eve World is established on the ideals of ‘participative ownership’ and ‘micropreneurship’ for all women, according to Aparna Acharekar, Co-Founder – Eve World. It has many monetization options built-in, as well as data transparency, analytics access, and community and user behavior insights.

She added that the site also provides frequent mentorships and training seminars, as well as worldwide peer interactions, to help Creators learn, innovate, and use the platform.

Content discovery and monetization are two of the most difficult difficulties facing today’s creators. Until they reach a certain magnitude, revenue from their content is erratic.

The Eve Creator World Program aims to put creators in the driver’s seat for Web 3.0 to address these issues. They hope to provide a variety of revenue methods that will allow producers to rediscover the thrill of creating social interactions and community design. Eve World aims to generate a virtuous circle of chances and better revenue models for female creators.

Eve was founded in 2021 with the aim to provide women all over the world with a positive and valuable digital experience. Young girls and women of all ages can create and consume content, exchange opinions and thoughts, participate and make connections in a safe virtual environment based on the pillars of empowerment and sisterhood.

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