Eze Perfumes curates an innovative campaign on #NayaRivaazPuraneRishtey Commemorates the festival of Diwali

1.Elevate Your Gifting Experience with Exquisite Fragrance Gift Boxes and Irresistible Scented Surprise from Eze Perfumes.jpg
1.Elevate Your Gifting Experience with Exquisite Fragrance Gift Boxes and Irresistible Scented Surprise from Eze Perfumes.jpg

Mumbai, 10.11.2023, Eze Perfumes, a name synonymous with exquisite fragrances, has introduced its latest campaign, #NayaRivaazPuraneRishtey, dedicated to celebrating the timeless traditions of Diwali while highlighting the exceptional role that perfumes      play in rekindling old relationships and crafting new memories. This campaign artfully weaves the fragrance of Eze Perfumes into the tapestry of Diwali, seamlessly blending the essence of modernity with the cherished traditions of the festival.

The #NayaRivaazPuraneRishtey campaign encompasses four captivating videos, each featuring unique aspects of the Diwali experience.

“A Fragrant Diwali Surprise” portrays the heart-warming journey of a loving husband, determined to surprise his wife with a thoughtful Diwali gift. The narrative unfolds through six meticulously crafted scenes, each evoking the emotions and anticipation leading up to the heartfelt surprise.

In another video, “Savouring Diwali Delights” the campaign takes a light-hearted approach to the traditional Diwali feast. An individual, exhausted from indulging in festive treats, is interrupted by a friend or sibling bearing a box resembling ladoos. The video humorously captures the feelings of overindulgence, only to reveal a delightful twist.

In third video, “Diwali Memories with Mom” tugs at the heartstrings as it rekindles the warmth and nostalgia of Diwali. This video chronicles a woman’s Diwali celebrations before and after her marriage, demonstrating how the thoughtful gift of an Eze Perfume brings her closer to her mother, transcending physical distances.

In the last video, “Choosing My Festive Eze Scent” invites viewers to join an influencer as she selects between two Eze perfumes, one yellow and one orange, to complement her festive attire. The video engages the audience by encouraging them to choose their preferred festive scent, emphasizing Eze Perfumes as an ideal gift option for the season.

Ms. Kanishka Jain, Director at Incredible Indriya, the parent company of Eze Perfumes, shared her enthusiasm for the #NayaRivaazPuraneRishtey campaign, stating, “Diwali is a celebration of tradition, love, and the joy of connecting with our roots. Eze Perfumes have always strived to encapsulate these values in our fragrances. This campaign, #NayaRivaazPuraneRishtey is a tribute to the timeless traditions of Diwali, and we are delighted to be a part of this journey, enhancing the festival’s charm through our fragrances.”


Eze Perfumes invites everyone to join in, and experience the magic of Diwali through the #NayaRivaazPuraneRishtey campaign. Keep an eye out for these heart-warming videos on social media and share in the joy of Diwali with Eze Perfumes.

Video links: https://www.instagram.com/p/CzObR99vIJg/