Eze Perfumes from the House of Sawai

Eze Perfumes from the House of Sawai
Eze Perfumes from the House of Sawai

Flowery, fruity, citrus or woody – Eze Has a Scent for Every Style

A splash of perfume evokes a spectrum of feelings – from joy to romance and even nostalgia, springing from cherished memories.  While much has been written about a scent’s ability to uplift spirits, boost mood, enhance romance and maintain an overall air of bonhomie around you, the fragrance also draws attention to the wearer and gives a peek into his/her style and attitude in life. Eze Perfume from the House of Sawai Fragrance does all that and more. It is convenient, affordable, trendy and proudly desi, this exquisite range comprises of 8 delightful variants: 3 women, 3 men and 2 unisex. Go on…take your pick!

Eze – Women

Eze Joy:

For the lady who wears her enthusiasm on her sleeve, Eze offers the fresh smell of jasmine that meets the powerful notes of musk and fragrant tuberose. Eze Joy lives in a beautifully authentic world and its balmy notes of exultations can be very contagious.

Eze Awe:

Eze Awe is for the girl who savours experiences and also, creates them herself. Its fresh, fruity notes with a touch of rosemary combine to create a distinct scent identity. The headiness of the leather blending with suede and vetiver produces a unique presence that leaves a lasting impression. 

Eze Flow:

With its woody and peachy presence, capped with sweet amber and vanilla, Eze Flow hits all the perfect notes for a free-spirited lady. It leaves the wearer feeling like a poetry, gorgeously exotic and full of dreamy charm as she leaves a lovely fragrant path wherever she goes. 

Eze – Men

Eze Surge:

Eze Surge is designed for the man who seeks adventure. Peppery and woody tones mingle with fresh lavender and spice notes to create the ideal blend of suave confidence and wild masculine appeal for the man who wants to live life to the fullest.

Eze Elation:

Eze Elation announces your presence with its light, yet invigorating perfume. It’s a scent that transports you to a pleasant and happy space with its bergamot and cypress notes that is both peppery and fresh. If this is your choice of a scent statement that you want to make, expect to get repeated glances where you go.

Eze Nomad:

Oh, the perils of the curious tourist in you! Eze Nomad exudes an inquisitive spirit and is perfect for the man who loves to explore. While its top notes of pineapple and black currant provide a hint of sunshine all around, the undertone of musk and amber adds an aura of mystery to him. 

Eze X (Unisex)

Eze ID:

Eze ID is for those forces of energy who loves to push the boundaries. If this is you, then this perfume with its citrus and amber elements will emphasize this side of your personality with its spicy, musky aroma. Eze ID is clearly for those who do not respect limits.

Eze Vibe:

Eze Vibe is for the person with a vibrant aura and as such its perfume captures that essence as it’s a non-stop party with a strong blend of zingy, fruity, and spicy elements. Every note of this fragrance is electrifying and sparks off a feeling of exhilaration.

Get your Eze Perfume from  www.ezeperfumes.com, in e-marketplaces (Amazon, Flipkart), and soon in stores for Rs 1395 (75ml), Rs 695 (30ml), Rs 495 (a discovery box of 4 vials of 3ml) and Rs 1895 (a gift box of 3 bottles of 30ml).