Fabbeu’s Blue Light Protection Moisturiser Secures Government Patent

Fabbeu's Blue Light Protection Moisturiser Secures Government Patent

Mumbai, September 18, 2023: Fabbeu, a dynamic skincare brand tailored to the Gen-Z demographic, is making waves in the beauty industry with its groundbreaking Blue Light Protection Moisturiser. This innovative product has earned prestigious patent approval from the Government of India Patent Office.

Founded by the visionary brother-sister duo, Ankiit Khemka and Bhavana Khemka, Fabbeu emerged from their personal experiences during their teenage years when they encountered a lack of effective skincare solutions designed specifically for this age group. Their journey began during the pandemic lockdown, leading them to conduct comprehensive research into skincare products and brands catering to teenagers. To their surprise, they discovered a significant gap in the market for products addressing the unique skin care needs of teenagers.

Recognizing this untapped potential, Ankiit and Bhavana decided to create Fabbeu, a skincare brand exclusively focused on teenagers. As they delved deeper into brand development, they observed a significant lifestyle shift during the pandemic. With school, college, and work moving online, people of all ages were spending more time in front of screens, exposing themselves to harmful blue rays that contribute to various skin issues.

Realising the lack of effective blue light protection skincare products on the market, Ankiit and Bhavana took it upon themselves to develop a solution. They initiated conversations with their target audience and discovered that teenagers often relied on decision-makers to choose their skincare products.

Ankiit Khemka, Co-founder & CEO of Fabbeu, and Bhavana Khemka, Co-founder of Fabbeu, expressed their excitement about the patent approval, stating, “Securing this patent is a testament to our commitment to the Gen-Z community, and we see an emerging future for Blue Light Protection skincare in India. We’re excited to lead the way.”

Over 12 months, from concept to execution, Fabbeu diligently developed their Blue Light Protection Moisturiser. They conducted small-scale product testing, distributing samples to individuals of different age groups. This testing not only provided valuable feedback and reviews but also revealed a surprising revelation – this moisturiser is suitable for users of all ages.

Encouraged by their findings and determined to protect skin from the harmful effects of blue rays, Fabbeu applied for a process patent for their Anti Blue Light Composition with the Patent Office of the Government of India in 2021. Following thorough evaluation by relevant authorities, Fabbeu proudly announces the receipt of this patent, granting them exclusive rights for 20 years.

Ravi Kumar, Digital Marketing Advisor for Fabbeu and Founder & CEO of MadHawks, praised the product, stating, “It just took one meeting with Fabbeu for us to bond; this is what Fabbeu is. You try it once and get hooked because it is fabulous. We proudly present the patented Blue Light Protection Cream. Kudos to Ankiit and Bhavana.”

Since its launch last year, Fabbeu has gained a loyal customer base, now serving over 10,000 customers. The Blue Light Protection Moisturiser has demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing the impact of blue rays, preventing premature ageing, combating digital pollution, and addressing concerns such as hyperpigmentation, dehydrated skin, ageing, and wrinkles.