Facebook starts the Digital Marketing Training program ‘Summer of Support’ for companies


Facebook also launched a new six-week series of digital marketing awareness courses, beginning this week in order to provide crucial ideas, perspectives, knowledge, and resources, primarily for SMBs. And more businesses seeking to transfer their activities digitally in order to reduce the impacts of the COVID-19 shutdown.

According to Facebook:

“We are providing companies across the country with free digital marketing training. Join us in 6 weeks of digital training courses, insightful interviews with business specialists, as well as lectures by renowned entrepreneurs – all to support business return.”

Weekly focus points of the course are split into:

24-28 of June – ‘The Future Changes’

The planet is in an unprecedented period of transition. This is not just a safety issue, creativity itself has made us continuously streaming. It is important to know how to respond to this new reality for your business to succeed.

29 June — 5 July — “Stability”

Opportunity can often look like a reversal. The good companies will transform a turnaround into a new direction. Find out how to remain strong and how to transform downs into openings in times of transition.

6 — 12 July-” Repentance

That one revolutionary opportunity could just be beyond control-so you will have to take up reinvention to allow good use of it. Whether the organization will motivate you to discover new possibilities would be illustrated to you.

13-19 July-” Reappearances

How do you enter the new countryside when a crisis ends? Successful reappearance on the market requires an awareness of growing industry pieces to retain and what needs to change.

20-26 July-” Customers & Commerce

If in periods of volatility, you will profit from a revival of the economy because you become an advantage to your customers. Learn how to play an important role in your business by customized processes and smarter business.

27-31 July- “Community” 

Essential companies help their communities to remain strong and prosperous. Learn how to sustain a vibrant social and economic power inside your company – yet you are creating a “culture.”

The new ‘Summer of Support’ mini-site will run all sessions online, featuring videos of each posted on the site and additional information shared on the Business Page on Facebook.

The project is being undertaken in collaboration with different firms such as Dell, PayPal, American Express, and Small Business Roundtable. It is open, it offers Facebook own, internal experts with fresh ideas and guidance and it will allow you to optimize your digital efforts. Likely worth a look.


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