Reliance conquering the supply chain market of farm-to-fork with JioKrishi

  • JioKrishi’s data processing tool is being developed to help farmers produce greater returns.
  • JioKrishi can be related to JioMart, which would possibly be connected to WhatsApp further.
  • Conforming with food resources and digital channels including Swiggy, Flipkart, and Dunzo Dependence has collaborated.

The latest collaboration with Facebook, which extends into the agritech region with the Jio Krizhi device, was established by Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries, and Reliance Jio Platforms. The JioKrishi app offers support for the agriculture-to-fork supply chain and data analysis.

Reliance recently launched the JioKrishi application to assist farmers in precise agriculture through agricultural data. The device, currently in the beta phase, can use data processing to alert farmers to the period when crops are planted, irrigated, and fertilized. This would improve profitability and production, the organization claims.

  • Major Strides Through the Agri Supply Chain Reliance

A Business Standard study says that the Reliance farm-to-fork company would concentrate on ensuring that almost 50 percent of all vegetable products needed in retail are shipped from Harvey to the store for 12 hours. The food companies Depend Fresh and JioMart along with other stores would profit from that. 77 percent of the company’s fruit is said to have originated straight from cultivation.

While Reliance has not been in the agritech market for a long time, its competitors only generate 10% of their value, the study says. Reliance has alliances with food suppliers and hyper-local sites, including Swiggy, Flipkart, and Dunzo, according to the Bank of America (BofA) report.

Ninjacart, Intello Labs, Farmpal, Zomatos Hyper pure, Jumbotail, WayCool, DeHaat, KrishiHub, and Kisan Network amongst others are also starters in the Agri supply chain. Agriculture supply chain. Nonetheless, owing to the destruction of the whole supply chain the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed other inefficient.

The shortage of knowledge and in-time data around the whole environment has contributed, since the pandemic, to food shortages, low product consistency, and uncertain costs. Researchgate says that approximately 30%-40% of total production is wasted at various levels of the supply chain. It reflects the cumulative deficit of INR 2 Lakh Cr.

Reliance has also established a small independent Traktor for precision farming in collaboration with Escorts, Microsoft, and Bosch. The model has developed already and can be used to seed, till, and spray. This has been used on over 65 kilometers of land and over 38.5 kilometers of farmers have practiced agri-allies.

  • WhatsApp Comes to Perform the Agritech Project of Reliance

In turn, ioKrishi will submit warnings to farmers that will inform them of the environment, seasonal pests, crop failure patterns, or unusual attacks such as locusts. In fact, the relationship with Facebook would also profit from integrating the JioKrishi software in WhatsApp. This will allow Reliance Industries to give farmers customized details or notifications.

JioKrishi may also be combined with JioMart, which will sell to customers directly. For Facebook, the future rise of WhatsApp Payments is the clear benefit of adding to an upturn in the market case of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Payments could build early traction with farmers on board if they are eventually incorporated in JioKrishi. After all, since 2018, it has been challenging to introduce the website for India and awaits approval and complies with all RBI regulations.


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