Practo salutes the efforts of doctors with its #BeingADoctor campaign


Digital healthcare company, Practo has launched a campaign #BeingADoctor on the occasion of National Doctors’ Day in order to recognise the efforts of healthcare professionals during various challenging situations faced by individuals across the world. The campaign is a tribute to doctors by shining light on the sacrifices they have made in their lives, their commitment, grit and determination throughout their lives to support their patients every single day. The new film has been launched across the company’s YouTube, blog, and social media channels.

The campaign portrays the commitment, grit, and determination it takes to become and be a doctor to patients every single day. It showcases and acknowledges the struggle, the trials and tribulations, responsibilities, and the joy of being a doctor.

The video narrates the journey of the doctor from being a student to becoming an invincible warrior bringing life and hope to mankind during turbulent times. The film highlights the passion behind the purpose and the unsurmountable struggle and challenges one faces during the journey of becoming a doctor and their path to fulfilling their oath of showing compassion, care, and commitment to patients for the rest of their lives.  Through the campaign, Practo acknowledges the services of all the doctors. The video is live and can be viewed on Practo’s YouTube, blog and social media channels.

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers across the world have been on the frontline, since the pandemic outbreak, fighting the raging war with unmatched compassion.
They have not only put themselves at risk of exposure to the pathogen, but they have also worked way beyond their shifts, staying away from their families all this while. “You specialise to unravel what nature throws at you. You are with our soldiers on the frontlines protecting our home. You have seen hope where despair reigned supreme. You took an oath to sympathize and understand and above all to those in need, lend a helping hand. You empathize, you reassure, you heal, you cure. You are a doctor at your very core,” the ad campaign said.


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