Family Diwali KidZania Wali: A Festival of Lights, Art, and Joy at KidZania!

Family Diwali KidZania Wali: A Festival of Lights, Art, and Joy at KidZania!
Family Diwali KidZania Wali: A Festival of Lights, Art, and Joy at KidZania!

Mumbai, November 17, 2023 — Diwali, the festival of lights and joy, is fast approaching, and KidZania India is thrilled to present a unique and enriching experience to celebrate this grand festival. We invite you to join us for “Family Diwali KidZania Wali” at KidZania Mumbai & Delhi NCR, from 10th to 19th November 2023, where we are rekindling the traditional spirit of Diwali through art, culture, and family fun.

“Family Diwali KidZania Wali” is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the art and craftsmanship of India’s potters, bringing back the charm of clay diyas and supporting these talented artisans.

Here’s what you can expect:

Pottery Zone:

– Engage in live pottery art classes, learning the ancient techniques from Gujarat and Rajasthan.

– Paint and personalize clay diyas, adding your creative touch to these traditional symbols of Diwali.

– Explore a diverse range of pottery styles from different states, including Jaipur Blue Pottery, Khavda Pottery, Andretta Pottery, and Bankura Pottery.

Diya Display:

– Marvel at a breathtaking display of beautifully crafted diyas from various regions of India.

Pottery Throwing Competition:

– Test your pottery-making skills by competing to create the tallest, widest, or most creative pot within a time limit.

Clay Sculpture Contest:

– Let your creativity flow as you sculpt clay according to specific themes. Show off your artistic skills, and you could win exciting vouchers and Diwali hampers.

Fun and Games:

– Participate in different fun, entertaining games like the “Pull the Tissue Game” and the “Touch and Tell” challenge to win prizes from renowned brands such as Parle-G, Kinder Joy, MOD, Nutella, Frooti, and Britannia The Laughing Cow.

Diwali Quiz:

– Test your knowledge with an exciting Diwali-themed quiz game for adults. Correct answers will earn you exciting vouchers.

Thali Decoration and Rangoli:

– Decorate your thali and create beautiful rangolis, celebrating Diwali traditions.

Diya Coasters

– Learn to create your very own Diya Coasters; embrace the festive spirit and add a touch of elegance to your home décor.

DIY Wall Hangings:

– Get creative with upcycling and make unique home decor items.

Rahul Dhamdhere, Chief Marketing Officer of KidZania India, expressed his enthusiasm, ‘Family Diwali KidZania Wali’ at KidZania is more than just a celebration; it’s a vibrant tapestry of tradition, artistic expression, and a chance to strengthen family and community bonds. It offers a precious opportunity to reconnect with the profound essence of Diwali, honor our rich cultural heritage, and support talented artisans. Participating in ‘Family Diwali KidZania Wali’ creates lasting memories and contributes to the preservation of our cultural roots”.


KidZania invites you to come together with your family and friends to celebrate Diwali with lights, art, and excitement at KidZania. Let’s light up the festival with creativity, culture, and joy!