FCB India, FCB Chicago, and Kinnect win big at Cannes Lions 2022


FCB India, FCB Chicago, and Kinnect won two Gold Lions, two Silver Lions, and two Bronze Lions last night for their campaign #Chatpat in the Social & Influencer, Media, and Direct categories.

FCB India, FCB Chicago, and Kinnect collaborated to create and recruit SOS Children Villages, India’s first brand ambassador – #Chatpat, to assist the childcare NGO in raising awareness and funds for the homeless and destitute. This social movement has been extremely successful, with numerous brands joining in. On Children’s Day ’21, a 10-year-old boy from Mumbai’s streets, Chatpat, shared ‘gyaan’ videos about street quirks.

While his videos quickly gained popularity, there was an underlying message about the harsh reality of a 10-year-old living and surviving on the streets that caught people’s attention. SOS Children’s Villages India (SOS CVI) has been doing wonderful work for the past 60 years, but this campaign has put them on the map worldwide.

It was not only a groundbreaking idea for the NGO to raise corporate donations, but it also enhanced brand value by recreating some of its iconic work for a social cause. Generosity at its finest, with #Chatpat putting the brand first! 

“These victories are a testament to our excellent collaboration with Kinnect in India,” said Rohit Ohri, Chairman & CEO, FCB Group India, of the historic wins. At its best, creative collaboration. I’m also grateful to FCB Chicago for their assistance in honing our campaign. #Chatpat is a game-changing concept for raising corporate funding for non-profits. What I’m most pleased about is that SOS Children’s Villages met their corporate funding goals with this campaign.

“While I understand the power of celebrity culture, I have resented the economics of it,” Swati Bhattacharya, Creative Chairperson, FCB India, said. This campaign employs a 10-year-old street kid who teaches the truly wealthy how to give. This has to be the world’s only donation campaign that gives you something before you give them a dime.”

“Today is ‘the day we achieve our 5-year-old goal on Kinnect’s ‘Dream Board’ of winning a CANNES LION, and everyone is overjoyed as we bring the pride home,” said Rohan Mehta, CEO of Kinnect. I am extremely proud of all #Kinnectors and how far we have come together in realizing this dream — I look forward to many more magnificent years with Kinnect. It has also been a fantastic collaboration with FCB. This victory demonstrates our growing partnership and the exceptional work we hope to bring to the table together.”

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