Truckers are in for a treat with digital innovations


Truckers in our country are facing a lot of issues. They are not able to utilize their time properly. Most of the time, their trucks are sitting ideal. Sometimes, they also travel long distances without any consignment for pickup or after drop-off.   

The problems which truckers face also include the hassle of a middleman. A middleman generally keeps a record of the vehicles along with the other details. When a consignment is up of transport in the market, then they manually check the vehicle and assign them for the service. It puts them under pressure in the market for the business and also to stay afloat.   

But now technology has improved. Now, the truckers have the support of apps like Blackbuck and Raaho. All these apps act as an aggregator, much like Ola and Uber. They maintain a list of truckers, who are available for service, and then the concerned companies can choose the truckers according to their requirements and book them. This way, truckers will not have to stay ideal for a long time. This kind of service also offers flexibility and ease of digital payments. In the entire process, the truckers will only have to learn the process of uploading the receipt of consignment at the time of pickup. It enables the truck owner and the client to see the actual cost of the goods involved. As a result, the truckers can get the advance payments instantly. In the end, the final payment can also be digital after the service is complete.  

Such technology is also helped and supported by the government. Throughout the pandemic, the government also promoted more digital payments, especially UPI and even e-challans on highways. It helped in more adoption of digital payments. One of the biggest problems, faced by truckers is that they are not able to get timely payments in case of non-digital processes.  

The Indian transport sector is governed basically by the small and medium truckers. They generally have very few truckers. The truckers on average transport two-thirds of the goods in our country and the rest are through rail and others. So, such technological innovations do help them in getting more business and grow at a good pace. 

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