Fi companions with Majlis to release Love Language Translator marketing campaign

Fi companions with Majlis to release Love Language Translator marketing campaign

Bengaluru-based fintech, Fi cash partnered with Majlis, a non-profit employer devoted to protecting and promoting ladies’ and kids’ rights, to create a ground-breaking marketing campaign on Instagram. the affection Language Translator marketing campaign seeks to raise consciousness about monetary abuse in relationships and empower ladies with the knowledge and sources to do so.

The campaign leverages Instagram’s translation feature on Instagram memories to permit customers to read actual stories of financial abuse and translate them in actual time. The marketing campaign features curated and sourced stories from women who have experienced monetary abuse in relationships, put together in a fictional place to show off how girls have been conditioned to think that these are everyday instances in relationships.

the affection Language Translator campaign launched on global ladies’ Day witnessed awesome traction. Fi cash incorporated this in the app with their AI-powered bot wherein users can ask specific queries like ‘what is financial abuse? What am I able to do if I am in a financially abusive courting?’ and prepare resources with Majlis to help customers out.

 Sujith Narayanan, CEO, of Fi cash, stated, “As the general discourse in India shifts towards wealth advent and monetary independence, it is also important for us to recognize the much less empowered. economic abuse is not unusual in lots of settings but is slightly ever seen. Being a cash management platform, we assume that is the proper event to focus on one of the maximum common troubles faced by girls, related to monetary literacy and economic independence. we hope this will start the conversation within the proper direction towards a more aware and empowered future for Indian women.”

in step with the preferred court docket of India, economic abuse is punishable through law below the domestic Violence act. The hassle is that maximum ladies don’t realize what financial abuse is and don’t recognize that they can take a felony motion. In a patriarchal way of life in which ladies have the primary function of caregiver and the male members have the primary function of managing the budget, it is normal for the man of the residence to manage cash and economic decisions, which makes it all of the more difficult for a person to discover or realize that monetary abuse is actual trouble.

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