Filamchi partners with Chingari for its TV premiers


The Filamchi is a Bhojpuri film channel from the house of Media Network has recently signed a partnership with Chingari which is a homegrown short video app that is mainly used for the live streaming of its World TV Premiers.

This collaboration between the two would start with the live streaming of the premiers of Loha Pahalwan, in the Chingari app. This association makes it one of its kind in the industry as well as in the genre where a short video platform integrates with a TV channel. This partnership also focuses on enhancing the multi-viewing experience for their audience.

Sumit Ghosh the CEO and Co-founder of the Chingari app shared that “this is one of its kind of partnership in which a film will be premiered and that would be made available for the audience not only through TV channel but also through the platform of a short video that is the Chingari. Through this live streaming, it would give an entirely new experience for the audience in the Live Streaming technique in the current era of digitalization”.

He also added that “We consider evolution as the important key. Chingari aims to continue the association with various other creators and focuses on evolving and expanding the digital space in media to the way of the capabilities possible so that both the audience as well as the creators get benefitted from it”.

Vinita Shrivastav, the AVP-marketing of Media Network shared that “the Bhojpuri market has a great potential to grow when the audience wants to have more local content. In the present era, we need to be more omnipresent to reach out to a wider audience and let them have the experience of content across different platforms. This collaboration would help us to increase the number of audiences and get to engage with more Bhojpuri movie fans”.

The live streaming of the film will be supported by the dialogue challenge #mainbhifilamchi, this is where Chingari app users can create interesting, creative videos on Pawan Singh’s damdar dialogue from the movie and participants can win up to 20 lakh Chingari coins. The movie will be aired on 22nd May at 1:00 pm on the Filamchi channel as well as on Chingari App.

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