#CareComesHome campaign to create awareness about tracking SpO2 level


As our country, India has been fighting the second wave of Corona virus-19. According to the experts, they have asked the people to track the level of their oxygen on a regular interval of time and if there is any critical variation in the level of SpO2 of the patient then they have to be hospitalized.

It is a device called a pulse oximeter which is used to measure the levels of oxygen blood in a non-invasive way. Not many people would have an oximeter at their house and during the situations of lockdown, it’s difficult for home deliveries too. But even this is the case, we cannot let our health conditions down. So having this in mind, to ease the process of monitoring the levels of oxygen in our blood, MFine, one of India’s famous top-rated health care app has recently announced the launch of their new app-based SpO2 tracker.

The MFine’s SpO2 tracker gives the same results as that of other devices with the accuracy of a medical-grade by simply using an android mobile phone’s camera. Through this development, healthcare can be literally at our fingertips. After the Covid pandemic situation, patients of Asthma, Anemia, COPD and other illness related to the respiratory system.

To create awareness about this tracker among the general public, MFine has recently launched an influencer campaign titled #CareComesHome along with Do Your Thing, a branded content marketplace. The campaign was roped by many influencers from all segments of various industry.  Through this campaign, MFine apps are so handy that monitors SpO2 levels by staying at home and can consult doctors through online mode. Patients can also order for home scan, x-ray, and medicine delivery through the app.

Ankit Agarwal, the founder of Do your things, said that “The campaign is mainly meant for the masses and it is best to reach the mass through various influencers. It highlights the use of MFine app which plays the same role of pulse oximeter for measuring the oxygen levels from the comfort of our home”.

Jyoti Sinha, Angel Mummy 91, an influencer shared that “The second wave of Covid is outrageous and we should take the responsibility and extra precaution for ourselves. If you or any of your family members have breathing problems now you can easily monitor blood oxygen level using smartphones on the #MFine app”.

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