#FindYourFreedom: Harley-Davidson India launches social campaign for celebrating unique stories of riders


#FreedomStoriesIndia is an initiative started by Harley-Davidson  India in order to celebrate unique stories that the riders share not only related to the brand but also related to their “on the road” stories.

Through this unique campaign, the brand aims to celebrate the spirit of familiarity and to inspire the new upcoming wave of riders.

The first part of the initiative includes eight episodes that feature seven prominent flag bearers; the firstly appointed Regional Directors of Harley Owners Group Community, who has been investing dedicatedly in building the H.O.G. community, by encouraging and inspiring the upcoming riders through their stories based on their journeys and philosophies.

The first live episode went across their social media channel on February 21st., which showcased the relationships shared by various riders and the freedom and bond that they share with their machines. The social media campaign, #FindYourFreedom was launched on Facebook.

The video showed an old racing footage, a picture of company’s founder, upcoming riders, etc. A diverse group of people is being shown who shares their love towards their Harley Davidson motorcycles and a bald eagle is also shown at random , with an effort to bring new riders on to the platform.

The video is all about the people who ride Harley Davidson than the bikes. Harley shows how much riders enjoy their Harley Davidson bikes. The video also shows when a person buys Harley, it is not only about the purchase but they are also joining a club.

When the riders gave a narration about their ‘ traveling tales’ of a lifetime, the audience appreciated every new episode which dived deeper into the stories which they depicted, with so much enthusiasm.

This is the first time in a series of  30-90 second long video which contains user-generated content. The riders can be part of this campaign by posting their pictures, or videos of their Harley Davidson journey by adding the hashtag, #FindYourFreedom.  With enough likes, shares, and hashtags, Harley is hoping to get the non-riders into Harley Davidson Motorcycles.


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