Five Offbeat Career Options to Explore


India is replete with doctors, engineers, chartered accountants and lawyers. But there are a few areas of disciplines that have newly attracted interest of future job seekers. There are a few offbeat career options that keep your future secured considering the growing demand of these new designations. Let us check out five unconventional career choices to set yourself apart from the others and swim against the current:

Jewellery Design

Jewellery design is another specialised segment that has scope for someone with an eye for detail. The employment prospects of jewellery designers are quite bright in India.Gemology courses are also required to get a deeper understanding of different gems. If your child has the interest, patience and aptitude for this, you can also sign up for classes at an early age.

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Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is a relatively new career with booming potential. This is for natural pet lovers, who love to care for the health and hygiene of pets. The clientele is now extending beyond the rich and celebrity profiles to office going individuals and couples who are looking for an integrated solution of kennel and styling for their pets. Some veterinary knowledge is also a must to pick up on medical ailments. While, there are pet grooming courses available, developing a keenness for pets from an early age certainly helps.

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Game Designer

Worldwide, Game Developers are in high demand, commanding impressive salaries.Game Designing is one of the most upcoming Courses for students who wanted to make a Game Designer Career in India in animation. The gaming industry is rapidly growing at a pace of 50% per annum. There is a very wide and bright future in game design in India.

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Solar Science

The renewable energy sector is fast growing now and the solar industry is becoming a major job creator. According to reports, Indian solar sector is expected to generate 3,00,000 jobs by 2022 to achieve its target of 175 GW.This makes it a hotspot for establishing future careers among students.

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Travel Consultant

Travel consultants coordinate and arrange travel for individuals/groups. Depending on your expertise and management skills, you can work for a travel agency or create your own agency. Travel consultants need to have good network, they must be technologically sound and must be able to negotiate well. Once a travel consultant can establish himself well, there is a scope to earn handsomely and gain more clients.

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