FK-R introduces Indians to sustainable motorcycle riding gear


FK-R is the luxury riding gear and clothing brand of Indian automotive blogger and businessman Faisal Khan. FK-R demonstrates that world-class production will take place right here in India by offering sustainable and creative goods.

With exclusive styling customizations and emerging versatility, the company offers a variety of elegant and practical motorcycle tops, skirts, gloves, and kits. FK-R was established in 2019 by Khan in response to Prime Minister Modi’s call for Indians to be “vocal for local“. FK-R is bridging the difference between safety and quality in a market where buyers are hard-pressed to find motorcycle riding gear at reasonable prices.

Khan is on a quest to encourage motorcycle safety through FK-R as a leading voice in India’s automotive industry. This goal is achieved by the brand’s emphasis on protective and luxury riding wear, which caters to the young, millennial motorcycle rider who is looking for both elegance and versatility.

FK-overall R’s mission is to emphasize the importance of safe clothing, and the brand has done well. The limited-edition 2020 FK-R Black Jacket and the FK-2019 R’s launch line sold out in no time, with bikers and casual shoppers alike flocking to the brand to satisfy their riding needs.

Khan was best known as the founder of Motor Beam and Fas Beam, India’s top digital platforms for all things cars and motorcycles, before launching his own home-grown, sporty, and luxury label FK-R. Although Motor Beam offers a technical perspective on cars, Fas Beam offers a rawer perspective. What distinguishes Khan from his peers is that he has created enormous value for both the automotive world and the industry; Khan has gone to great lengths to close the gap with content that inspires confidence. Khan is a millennial success story of ambition and drive, with over 2.5 million followers around the board. His ‘Made in India’ venture FK-R is not only self-sufficient but also contributes to the country’s prosperity.

Faisal Khan’s contribution to the Indian automotive scene is immeasurable. He is a genuine revolutionary and disruptor. Because of its spiritual ethos and environmentally friendly appeal, Khan’s FK-R stands out from its rivals. FK-R products are known for their revolutionary and elegant nature, as well as their ability to withstand the test of time.

The company plans to introduce a complete line of safety riding clothing for both segments in 2021. If history is any indication, FK-latest R’s range would leave an indelible impression on India’s automotive industry, further cementing FK-R place as a leading brand.

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