Floppy Disk makers Amkette closes down diskette division


Feb 10, 2013: Really don’t know if there is anybody who has not used a Floppy Disk or Diskette as a storage device. The Floppy Disk with 1.44 MB storage space and 3.5 inch in size was at one time the most used storage device until Pen Drives came and took the market by storm. Now Pen Drives are increasingly getting threatened by Micro SD cards. There has been an evolution of sort happening in the storage space range and users have various options. Amkette headquartered in Delhi was established in 1986 and since then have been manufacturing and selling floppy disks by successfully competing with international players like TDK and Sony.

The company now has decided to shut down its floppy making division at Udaipur and focus on computer peripherals and digital lifestyle solutions as the volumes have come down. Amkette’s existing facility will now be used as a R&D centre by the company. Amkette sold their last lot of Floppy Disks in January 2013 and perhaps had the tag of the last of the floppy makers in the world itself. Sony stopped manufacturing floppies in 2011. According to the company, Amkette surprisingly sold 1.2 lakh floppies as the last lot in January.


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