FlyBoo Holidays Unveils New TVC Starring Brand Ambassador PV Sindhu

FlyBoo Holidays Unveils New TVC Starring Brand Ambassador PV Sindhu
FlyBoo Holidays Unveils New TVC Starring Brand Ambassador PV Sindhu

Mumbai, 21st November 2023: FlyBoo Holidays, a rapidly growing player in the Indian travel industry, is thrilled to unveil its latest Television Commercial (TVC) featuring its esteemed Brand Ambassador, PV Sindhu. This captivating TVC marks the first instalment in a two-part series, and it’s all about the mascot, Boo the flamingo, who’s got PV Sindhu’s back throughout her busy schedule and travel adventures.


In this inaugural Campaign, PV Sindhu’s globetrotting journey takes her from Indonesia to Denmark, India, China, and all the way to the Maldives. Despite the vast distances, her travels have been smooth and stress-free, courtesy of Boo – the unwavering mascot offering constant support. The concept of Boo as a dependable mascot providing support throughout Sindhu’s travels conveys the reliability and assistance offered by FlyBoo Holidays. The commercial further embodies the promise: “Just Pack Your Bags, FlyBoo got your back,” encapsulating the idea of seamless support for travellers, reinforcing the company’s commitment to ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience.


Crafted by the creative minds at PAD, the TVC captures the essence of PV Sindhu’s travels and the unwavering assistance she receives from Boo. The mascot adds an exclusive personal dimension to travelling by providing customized advice and solutions tailored to each traveller’s needs.


Commenting on this TVC, Mr. Marri Shashank Reddy, Director and Co-Founder of Flyboo Holidays Private Limited, stated, “We’re excited to commence this transformative journey with PAD. The Campaign is a testament to redefining travel experiences. Through a blend of creativity and technology, we aim to leave a lasting mark on the travel industry. By nurturing meaningful connections with our customers, we confidently position ourselves as pioneers in travel solutions.”


Vivek Reddy, Co-founder and Creative Director at PAD, remarked, “At PAD, we are overjoyed to be selected as FlyBoo’s strategic partner. This partnership not only ignites our creative passions but also empowers us to craft campaigns that will genuinely captivate and deeply resonate with their audience. We eagerly anticipate introducing innovative ideas and delivering compelling campaigns to enhance the flying solutions landscape.”


The Campaign is live on both Digital and traditional media platforms across national and regional channels.


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