Fortune Soya Chunks Celebrates National Protein Day with a Campaign ‘Easy Access to Protein for All’

Fortune Soya Chunks
Fortune Soya Chunks

Fortune, India’s No. 1 edible oil brand, is celebrating National Protein Day with a campaign centred on its Fortune Soya Chunks brand. Fortune Soya Chunks is one of the leading brands in the category of Texturized Soya Protein (TSP), which is a preferred substitute for vegetables and meats.

Campaign Theme and Goal

The fourth edition of National Protein Day’s theme is ‘Easy Access to Protein for All,’ and Fortune Soya Chunks aims to increase awareness about the numerous health benefits of protein-rich soya chunks. Soya chunks are rich in nine essential amino acids that the body needs for good health and growth, low-fat content, vitamins, minerals, and fibre.

Soya Chunks Nutritional Value

Soya Chunks have more protein than milk, 15 times more to be precise. The Wenger machine technology used to make Fortune Soya Chunks retains all-natural nutrition, making it super soaking in texture, and absorbs all masalas well, thus making it suitable for culinary exploration.

National Protein Day Initiative

“Fortune Soya Chunks routinely featured among the top Soya brands, and most consider it as a wonderful substitute to meat or vegetables,” stated Vineeth Viswambaran, Associate Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Adani Wilmar. Many individuals, however, are unaware of its high protein content and other nutritional benefits. National Protein Day is a great way to raise awareness about the significance of protein in our diets for overall health.”

Consumer Demographics

Fortune Soya Chunks is popular not only among housewives searching for healthy alternatives for their families but also among individuals who enjoy experimenting with new recipes, as well as those who are health-conscious or fitness fanatics trying to increase their daily protein consumption. Soya Chunks are also essential for kids in their growing stage of 8-14 years ago for their overall development. Protein-rich diets are excellent for increasing muscle mass, losing weight, controlling blood sugar levels, maintaining healthy cognitive function, building strong bones, and safeguarding heart health.

Regional Availability

Fortune Soya Chunks is widely consumed in Maharashtra, West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, UP, and Delhi.


Fortune Soya Chunks recognises National Protein Day by emphasising the advantages of soya chunks and hopes to promote awareness about the need for protein in our diet. Fortune Soya Chunks are a wonderful alternative for people searching for healthy solutions for their families, fitness enthusiasts, and health-conscious individuals due to their high nutritional content.

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